The Corsair’s new mid-tower cases make personalizing

The Corsair's new mid-tower cases make personalizing

Back in September, Corsair launched its 4000 Series — three new compact mid-tower cases that shared the same design and were diverse only in terms of front panel and included fans. Such modularity allowed consumers to choose between solid, airflow and tempered glass models.

Now the company has worked with the 5000 Series, which upgrades and upgrades both the 4000D, 4000D Airflow and 4000X. As you see in our video above, these provide more room (66 liters vs 48 liters) and additional modular pieces to help personalize the larger mid-tower build.

The 5000D, 5000D Airflow, and 5000X have raised a second swappable panel, a power supply shroud with a removable section, a new fan bracket next to the motherboard tray, and an internal hinge compartment that hides the wires. These mid-towers also sport a modified right-side panel, which features an airflow vent at the front; These come in steel for 5000D cases and tempered glass for 5000X. The white 5000X in particular seems like a prime showcase for artistic expression, given its clear glass. (The black 5000X side panel has a dark tint.)

Given how many rooms you have to work in, the building should be a cinch in this case. The front can easily accommodate both Hawking graphics cards and thick radiators. When you can’t populate both the side fan bracket and the front fan bracket with the radiator at the same time, you can still fit a lot of cooling in this case – fans up to 10 120 mm, if you so choose, Or slightly reduced classification of both 120 mm and 140 mm fans.

The 5000 Series cases may be slightly dysfunctional when removing and installing power supply shroud accessories, as well as the cable bars already installed in the case. But overall, Corsair’s current approach to modularity is smart and is a win for both the company and consumers — the ability to mix and match panels means you get more of the top or front to deal with noise or temperature. Practical (solid panels or airflow panels) can be bent. ) Or showy (tempered glass panel for top or front) as your circumstances change.

For more information about this new lineup of cases with building tips and side-by-side comparisons with the 4000 Series, be sure to watch the video. The Corsair 5000D, 5000D Airflow, and 5000X are available in both black and white starting January 14, with an MSRP of $ 165 for the 5000D model and $ 190 for the 5000X.

PC builders can expect a flood of components to hit store shelves in the final stretch of 2020 – and not just graphics cards and processors that have garnered the most attention. This initial wave of fall releases includes a new series of Corsair mid-tower cases, launched on September 15 with three models.

As you see in the video above, the 4000D, 4000D Airflow, and iCue 4000X share the same chassis, each separating itself through a separate front panel. At the bottom end, the $ 80 4000D and 4000D airflow features steel panels, one solid and the other with style cutouts for airflow. The Swankier $ 120 4000X boasts a thick tempered glass panel, and includes a fan fan plus an additional fan.

Overall, these cases are in-room with support for small E-ATX motherboards and vertical GPU mounting. They also provide ample space for longer graphics cards, and will fit all but the CPU air cooler outposts. Radiators can be placed at the front, top, and rear of the tower, all of which are adjusted with the normal size – the only small caveat is that for the top-mounted 280mm AIO, you need to ensure adequate clearance You will need to check the height of your RAM. You’ll find plenty of spots for cable routing, including a removable panel that partially hides from the power supply shroud and into the visible areas of the case on the back of the motherboard.

The main quick drive of these cases is the relatively small amount of mounting points. You can only install up to four drives – two are 2.5-inch mounting brackets and one hard drive cage, with two 2.5-inch or two 3.5-inch drives. Given the relatively common layout of the 4000 Series and the average dimensions of a mid-tower, the Corsair could easily fit another 2.5 inch bracket or two into the case.

A note for those who are waiting to buy one of Corsair’s current cases: Eventually, the 4000 series cases will replace the current model in the Corsair lineup. The 4000D and 4000D Airflow will acquire the 275R and 275R Airflow spots respectively, while the 4000X will eventually succeed on the iCue 465X RGB. However, the company says the change is not immediate, so you still have time to make purchases.

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